• Steve Rose

Four Calls To Action To Support Employees’ Mental Health

1. Identify roles that can create high levels of stress or lack flexibility.

These roles include safety-critical roles, front-line roles (e.g., customer service representatives, manufacturing plant personnel) and critical project teams that are delivering under significant deadline pressures. Once these roles have been identified, ensure you have proactive monitoring protocols in place. These can include daily team stand-ups, workspace neighborhoods, informal buddies and ways to reduce stress (e.g., on-site childcare services).

2. Provide training to supervisors and managers on normalization (prevention and destigmatization).

Using terms that are limited (e.g., burnout) can, unfortunately, increase the stigma. Provide mental health training

and toolkits for your supervisors and managers to help them spot signs and handle different scenarios. To reduce the stigma, train your managers to talk about health holistically and share their own challenges.


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