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Supporting your employee's mental health brings many advantages;



Did you know that providing mental health assistance to your staff has tax benefits? HMRC

An HR Organisations perspective of the subject  Read More

Some of the areas commonly cited to benefit from better mental health support within the workplace include;

- Productivity

Optimistic and happy people have been found to be 37% more successful in sales, 3 times more creative, 19% more accurate and up to 10% more engaged.

Not just that but 31% more productive. what would that mean to your business?

CIPD report: Growing The Health and Wellbeing Agenda: From First Steps To Full Potential, 2016

- Sick days: Is your leadership struggling with Mental Health issues with your employees? Would an early intervention of reported or suspected mental/personal distress prevent a member of staff from not being able to work?

Would your management team value experts advice?


Supporting your staff's mental health is part of employee benefits, it's an ROI with areas such as;

- lowering attrition

- attracting new staff

- employee retention

Do your staff feel you care about their mental health? Offering services from TalkingBiz can demonstrate your commitment from the start.

Here are some free resources for developing a workplace culture.

Mind Workplace mental health


We often can think that mental health support is only going to cover anxiety or depression but many other things can affect your ability to be as productive as possible, Areas such as;

- relationship issues

- bereavement

- drinking issues

- bullying

- health conditions

- children leaving home


Well first of all it's about getting mental health on the agenda at the leadership level in your organisation, it's about a culture where being not right is ok.

Your management team may have targets but are they not focussed on staff well being? could you challenge this?

How to talk to someone who seems or reports not feeling ok

How to talk