“TalkingBiz’s aim is to provide robust and professional mental health support to organizations throughout Oxon and Bucks, we will not rest until Mental Health is at its rightful place within the workplace. We will achieve this through professional, business-centric solutions to enable and support.”

“I believe in the power of professional psychotherapy delivered in an agile and flexible manner to match the needs of the modern company”

“The mental health arena appears to be moving fast and it can be a challenge to keep up to date with your organization obligations but the other side of this is the fact that it is sometimes too wide a gap from our middle management and the people delivering the results. A management team focussed on targets and operational results deliver fast growth but using TalkingBiz ensures maximum results and sustainability by ensuring your working parts are fully functioning.”

Steve Rose Founder of TalkingBiz



A fully trained psychotherapist with over 30 years experience in the IT sector. Working for companies such as Intel and McAfee Steve has experienced the corporate world through a senior management role and led teams across EMEA. Driving customer success whilst also championing initiatives to maximise employee wellbeing.

After moving into the therapeutic business full-time Steve has grown client base to around 20 giving a private practice income of circa 2k per month in less than 12 months.

He has developed this via an ethical yet business-focussed approached with the client at the heart of operations. 

His achievements during this time include podcast guest, radio and talks about mental health.



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