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We are passionately driven to provide easy to access and, highly personalised mental health experts to every single employee in the workplace.

Simplifying access to mental health support
Let's be honest, you have a human in pain and we want to assist that with the right person to help them (and you), it is a simple as that.

Professional and personal engagement
We want to get YOU the best, matched, professional and qualified people to help your employees. We do this utilising our therapeutic professional experience and business knowledge to bridge the gap.


Steve founded TalkingBiz after a career of over 30 years in Local and Mainstream Global IT Management. He witnessed growing pressures on managers and the lack of resources and help available to address the growing need for mental health assistance for the workforce. Over the last 10 years, Steve has trained and worked as a Psychotherapist primarily focused on providing therapeutic interventions to professional people.

He has a passion to bring his experience of both worlds together to provide professional and business-centric resources to HR professionals and local businesses to supply local therapy solutions to the workforce in a flexible and hassle free way.



A fully trained psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience in the IT sector. Working for companies such as Intel and McAfee Steve has experienced the corporate world through a senior management role and led teams across EMEA. Driving customer success whilst also championing initiatives to maximize employee wellbeing.

After moving into the therapeutic business full-time Steve has grown client base via an ethical yet business-focused approach with the client at the heart of operations. 

His achievements during this time include podcast guest, radio and talks about mental health.